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STOP Chronic Pain.


I work with clients, providing exceptional consulting services that are catered specifically to their needs, offering both One-off Session as much as regular Brain Program Subscriptions. Take a look below at some of the services I offer and get in touch to achieve immediate results. To know more, click HERE.


Aim. Soften. Stop chronic pain.

How better were you feeling when you were free from pain? How much better can you feel, knowing that it will happen again, now?

Using Physical Hypnosis to bypass the critical factor of the conscious mind to release the negative emotions stored in your body and allow your inner beauty to flourish.

Redesigning Cognitive Thinking will give you control of your thoughts, by putting you back in charge of your brain! How much better are you feeling by knowing that it can be done, now!

You have decided to walk the path to independence and mastering control on your emotions and wellbeing.
And you need help to achieve it. Feel, listen, see, how much better it feels to enjoy the real freedom of choices.

This is NLP Coaching (Life and/or Business). The best of 2 Worlds! Starting from the GROW Model extended and Wheel of Life, we move forward to where you want to go. Full on 5-11 sessions Package designed to get you there!

What if you could learn how to manage your Peak Performance to be able to repeat it at will?!

How much do you know that you can change any negative limiting beliefs with beliefs that could really get you the results you want to get, NOW?!


Hi Alessandro


The last session was huge.

A lot of baggage was left half way between your place and Tapleys Hill Road.

I feel so much lighter, more confident and joyful.



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Please note, that most of our sessions are recorded for safety